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Treating everyone with love and respect, while putting God first. Thus reassuring women and their families they can live a great life without returning to prison.

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What is a Tub of Love?

In reality, it’s a storage bin filled with essential items for each Lady to use in their personal life.

Each item is handpicked by the TOL team. Each Tub of Love is prayed over and then hand-delivered.

Even though these tubs are filled with goodies, they are more than just items in a bin.

  • healing with hugsThey are a representation of the hugs the ladies are going to receive.
  • The joy they are going to feel and
  • The excitement they are going to experience, upon receipt.

Of course, coming out of prison in the middle of a Pandemic and having to wear a mask wherever you go and then having to worry about essential items that you can’t find anywhere, unless you camp out all night, can be a nightmare for these ladies. That’s why Tubs of Love is here.

Some of the essential items include: Hand sanitizer, hand soap, toilet tissue (yes, we actually found some), paper towels, a plush robe, a personalized coffee tumbler, deodorant, body wash, black socks, a pair of shoes (lady’s choice), facial soap, foot soak, tooth paste, tooth brush, mouthwash, Bible, and a journal.

Why these particular items?

Take the black socks for instance. OK, I know you are thinking, “What’s the big deal about black socks?” When you’re in prison, white socks are part of your state-issued uniform. Can you imagine having to keep them white, with no bleach?? Exactly! Therefore, the “no more white socks movement” began.

Personalized coffee tumbler: A name is something very personal. It’s what you answer to. The tumbler with each blessed lady’s TOL represents them and signifies to them that its NOT state-issued. It’s not 4 ounces, it’s really BIG! For the ladies to see their own name, not a number, on something means the world to them.

Shoes: State-issued shoes are crocs. Crocs are cute, right? What’s wrong with them? No one wants to walk around in crocs all day, every day. Shower in their crocs, go to the cafeteria in their crocs, or go to the exercise room in crocs. You see what I mean? Therefore these shoes, which are brand new, represent a brand new start and a brand new lease on life. And plus, who doesn’t like the smell of a new pair of shoes?

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Caroline Dunlop

Founder: Caroline Dunlop

Matthew: 25:36

I was naked and you clothed me; I was sick and you visited me: I was in prison and you came to me.

Many women are released after incarceration with the hope of making better decisions. However, even with the best intentions almost 43% will return to prison within a year of release.

I’m not a bad person because I went to prison. However, many still perceive me as being guilty and try to hold it over my head.

When I was released, I told myself that I will NEVER GO BACK to prison as an inmate, however I WILL go back as a volunteer.

when they go low we go high

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