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Caroline Dunlop


I’m Caroline Dunlop.

I started Tubs of Love™ to be part of the solution for stopping recidivism in women’s prisons.

A Tube of Love is more than just a storage bin, full of goodies, it’s also an arm that branches out and connects with other Christ followers.

  • 79% of women interviewed 30 days pre-release sited employment, education, and life skills services as their greatest area of need.
  • Women make up 1 in 8 individuals released from state prison each year

The number of women in prison continues to grow.

Nationally, about 1 in 8 of all individuals released from state prison are women and 1 in 6 released from jail are women.

Many feel they are just a spoke in the wheel. They are released after a stint of incarceration and hope to make better decisions. However, even with the best intentions, most likely, they will return to prison within a year of release.


This knowledge has come from my very own prison sentence experience. I was released in 2018 after serving 5 years in State prison. After I was released, many of the resources I used began to fizzle out. This led me to think about a new approach to solving this ever-growing issue, Fellowship.

When I was released, I told myself that I will NEVER GO BACK to prison as an inmate, however I WILL go back as a volunteer.

With prayer, wisdom, and good ole experience, coupled with God as my focus, I was able to succeed and excel well past my own expectations that I had for myself and my journey.

Once I figured out that I needed others, I began to see a desperate need for help where women’s re-entry into society is concerned. There was little help, funds, and people who knew how to help women, like me, stay encouraged and mentally capable upon their release.

Tubs of Love™ helps women through guidance, prayer, and providing necessary essentials.

Our goal: Every successful recipient will, in turn, donate back into the organization that helped them.

I’m not a bad person because I went to prison. However, many still perceive me as being guilty and try to hold it over my head. I feel that they are in their own mental prison.

I’m not alone, my fellow sisters who are being released from prison, to the tune of 81,000 annually. Along with 1.8 million from jails need help, assistance, essentials and prayer.

We must fill this growing population of people who are re-entering society with positive attributes.

Returning to prison is something that Tubs of Love™ works to prevent.

I made a decision to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem.

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Be part of the solution